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What to Expect




Below is a quick overview of what you can expect during the Mediation process.


In Person Mediation

Signiture & Filing

Agreement Drafting

  1. Step 1 Agreement Sent
    An Agreement to Mediate must be signed before Mediation begins. We will email you the Agreement for signing.
  2. Step 2 Portal Access
    When you have returned your Agreement to Mediate form and paid your fee, a unique acesss code will be emailed to you.
  3. Step 3 Online Portion
    When you enter your access code in the portal, the online portion of your mediation will begin. You will provide information as well as answer questions about all of your issues for mediation. Your documents can be uploaded through our platform.
  4. Step 4 Analysis
    Your mediation issues will be identified for discussion. Your areas of agreement and diagreement will be identified for your in person Mediation session.
  5. Step 5 Meet In Person
    In person Mediation is conducted to finalize issues and agreement. This is scheduled after the online portion is completed.
  6. Step 6 Written Settlement
    A Mediated Settlement Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted after your Mediation. Upon completion, both parties may sign the Agreement and file.