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The Smart Way to Divorce

Using Mediation Wisely

You decide and not the Court

"Mediation can trans​​​​​form your divorce into an uncontested case"

 ​​​​​​​​​Without an established agreement in place, every aspect of the divorce could be left up to the judge, and you will have no control over the final outcome. Even if you and your spouse think you agree on everything and find divorce papers online, things can quickly fall apart in court.     

"If you don't decide the Court will"

 ​​​​​​Mediation lets you make all the decisions.You and "your soon to be” ex-spouse (not a Judge) are in control of the decision-making process, and you have more flexibility in arriving at your own solutions. Most people would rather decide their own issues that have them decided by the court.     
        Mediated Settlement Agreement

In Texas, if a Mediated Settlement Agreement is properly executed you cannot challenge it.  Texas Family Code Section 153.0071(d) and (e) mandate that courts shall issue an order in compliance with a Mediated Settlement Agreement.  When the Mediated Settlement Agreement is signed and on file with the court, it is binding.  The MSA  terms cannot be changed unless both parties agree in writing.  Many have tried and failed.

The Texas Family Code permits divorce agreements to be reached by a Mediated Settlement Agreement or MSA that can be incorporated into the divorce decree. It can be incorporated by reference to the Mediated Settlement Agreement or the terms of the agreement can be drafted into the divorce decree itself.

The MSA may deal with only child issues or property issues but typically the MSA will address both property division and child possession and support issues. The MSA is signed by both spouses and becomes a binding agreement.
It is not a secret that courts take settlements very seriously and that most judges are proponents of these agreements.    

"Most Courts require Mediation"

    Most courts now require mediation as part of the divorce process.  An attempt at mediation is required (or strongly recommended) in many counties. Many judges will automatically order Mediation if issues are contested.    

"Strategic Mediation is cost savings"

The real secret is when you mediate! If you engage in successful mediation, before hiring attorney, then you will save yourself from the biggest expense that makes the divorce process so expensive.

"A signed Mediated Settlement Agreement equals an uncontested divorce"


​How long does Mediation take?

​What is a Pro Se Divorce?

​When is the best time to mediate?

Mediation almost always takes less time than litigation. Mediation can go as fast as the parties will allow.
When two spouses represent themselves in court without lawyers it is called a pro se divorce. The Latin phrase "pro se" means: "on one's own behalf." If the parties do not have attorneys present, it is best to achieve an agreement through mediation prior appearing in front of the judge to finalize the divorce. 
The real secret of a low cost divorce is "when" you mediate! If you engage in successful mediation... "before" hiring an attorney, then you will save yourself from the biggest expense of the divorce process. 

​How much does divorce cost?

What is a Memorandum of Understanding?

What is a Mediated Settlement Agreement?

The average cost of a divorce in Texas is about $15,000 without children and well over $20,000 with children. Both the time and the cost of a divorce can be reduced 90% or more if the divorce is uncontested!
An MOU is a written divorce settlement agreement. A Memorandum of Understanding is revocable and non binding.
An MSA is a signed divorce settlement agreement. It is irrevocable and binding. It can only be changed by an agreement in writing from both parties. In Texas, if properly executed it must be followed by the courts.